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Everything on a list

  • Utsuho: Washi *1
  • Pochi: Pochi
  • Yakuma: Yakuma 
  • Neya: Nee-chan *2
  • Nibyo: Hika *3
  • Iwashi: Hime-san *4 
  • Uzume: Uzume
  • Chouza: Chouza
  • Minamo: Chibikko *5

  • Utsuho: Utsuho-san
  • Pochi: Pochi
  • Yakuma: Okaa-sama *6
  • Neya: Onee-sama
  • Nibyo: Nibyo-san
  • Chouza: Choucho-san *7

  • Utsuho: Utsuho
  • Pochi: Pochi
  • Yakuma: Ore *8
  • Neya: Neya
  • Nibyo: Nibyo
  • Iwashi: Iwashi 
  • Uzume: Uzume
  • Chouza: Chouza
  • Minamo: Minamo

  • Utsuho: Utsuho-san
  • Pochi: Pochi
  • Yakuma: Yakuma-san
  • Neya: Watakushi *9
  • Nibyo: Nibyo-san
  • Iwashi: Hime-sama
  • Uzume: Uzume-san
  • Chouza: Chouza-san
  • Minamo: Minamo-chan

  • Utsuho: Utsuho-kun
  • Pochi: Pochi
  • Yakuma: Isha-kun *10
  • Neya: Nee-chan
  • Nibyo: Ore
  • Iwashi: Hime-san 
  • Uzume: Tori-kun *11
  • Chouza: Doku Tsume *12
  • Minamo: Gakincho *13

  • Utsuho: Utsuho-sama
  • Pochi: Tanu-tan *14
  • Yakuma: Isha-sama
  • Neya: Nee-yan
  • Nibyo: NyanNyan *15
  • Iwashi: Warawa *16
  • Uzume: Tori-san
  • Chouza: Tefu-tefu *17
  • Minamo: Minamon

  • Utsuho: Utsuho
  • Pochi: Pochi
  • Yakuma: Koju *18
  • Neya: Nee-chan
  • Nibyo: Kaku-me *19
  • Iwashi: Hime-san
  • Uzume: Ore
  • Chouza: Chouza
  • Minamo: Minamo

  • Utsuho: Itome *20
  • Pochi: Tanuki
  • Yakuma: Isha
  • Neya: Ane-chan/Nee-chan *21
  • Nibyo: Kaku-me
  • Iwashi: Hime
  • Uzume: Uzume
  • Chouza: Ore
  • Minamo: Gaki

  • Neya: Neya
  • Uzume: Uzume
  • Chouza: Chouza 
  • Minamo: Minamo

< omake >
  • Pochi: Chicchoriina
  • Yakuma: Koshiro

< Margin >
  • Utsuho: Azako
  • Pochi: Jyamamono *22
  • Yakuma: Mushi *23
  • Neya: Busu *24
  • Nibyo: Gomi *25
  • Iwashi: Kasu *26
  • Uzume: Sentou Baka *27
  • Chouza: Uzai *28
  • Minamo: Gomi

  1. Washi ワシ is one form of I/me mostly used by those speaking Kansai-ben  
  2. (o)nee-chan/(o)nee-sama/nee-yan (お)ねーちゃん/(お)ねーさま/ねーやん is a adoring form of older sister, with 'sama' at the end for more respect, while 'chan' is andditional adoration honorific 
  3. Hika 控 whish is another way of spelling Hikae's name 控え. It can be translated as spare and reserve. 
  4. Hime 姫 means Princess 
  5. hibikko チビッコ don't have any proper translation. However, it could be translated as 'Squirt' or 'Little kid' 
  6. Okaa-sama おかーさま is a polite term to say 'mother'. However, in this case, Pochi call Yakuma this, and while it's affectionate on Pochi's part, it can also be insulting, since it's a man being called this. 
  7. Choucho-san ちょうちょさん derived from Chouza. 
  8. Ore 俺 is the most maskuline/rude form of I/me. 
  9. atakushi 私 is the most politest form of I/me, even more politer than Watashi, which use the same kanji. It is also one of the oldest proverbs for oneself. 
  10. (O)isha (-kun/sama) 医者/医者くん/(お)医者さま means doctor. Yakuma has gained this nickname due to his profession.
  11. Tori-kun/Tori-san トリくん/トリさん Possibly 'Bird-kun/san'.
  12. Doku Tsume 毒爪 means Poison Claws and Chouza is called this due to the poisonous claws he has. 
  13. Gakincho ガキんちょ and gaki ガキ mean brat. 
  14. Tanutan たぬたん comes from Tanuki 狸, which is what Pochi is. 
  15. Nyan-Nyan にゃんにゃん 
  16. Warawa 妾 An old form for I, mostly used for ladies. Another translation happen to be 'mistress/concubine'. 
  17. Tefu-tefu てふてふ no real meaning. I don't really know where it comes from, either, but none the less, that's what she call him.
  18. Has Koju こじゅ. I can't find the meaning, but I'm guessing it either has something to do with Yakuma's given name; Koshiro, or that he is a doctor. 
  19. Kaku-me 描目 Unsure of this one, but it seems to be 'Drawn-on Eyes' 
  20. Itome 糸目 lit.translates as slit-eyed, but can also be translated to 'Thread Eyes' 
  21. Ane-chan/Nee-chan 姉 can be pronounced both as "ane" and "nee". They both mean Older Sister. 
  22. Jyamamono 邪魔者 = lit. "someone who is a nuisance or a burden" 
  23. Mushi (虫) is translated as Insect 
  24. Busu 醜女 translates as Ugly woman. The same Kanji can also read Shikome, which can translate to Demon Woman. 
  25. Gomi ゴミ/塵 Dirt/Rubbish/Trash 
  26. Kasu カス Trash 
  27. Sentou Baka 戦闘バカ Battle/Combat idiot/maniac
  28. Uzai ウザイ 

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